With the last update for the Chrome OS, Google sure proved everyone wrong, that it is not serious about its chromium platform. With Google Chrome getting more exposure and demand, Chrome OS sure seems to be lagging behind a bit. But wait, this does not mean you only get a simple, secured Chrome OS for your cloud notebook. You can install multiple apps from the Chrome webstore offline apps list and enjoy a better offline experience. We have listed here Top 6 apps which can sure prove these words.

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Google Drive

This is a smart Chrome extension which can help you to create and store all your files in a single place. You can also share the contents with your friends and colleagues and even edit them in a real time fashion. Google Drive includes Google Docs and hence you can also work with Word processors, Spread sheet file, build a presentation file and can even apply multiple editors while working in groups.

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The stored can be accessible from anywhere over the internet. You just need to have the Google drive installed in your computer system – works with both Windows and Mac. You can also these file using the mobile apps – available both for Android and iOS.

You can search across files or even search for a word or sentence inside those files. This is quite helpful if you do not remember the file name but partially remember a line or two from the document. Check out Google Drive for more information

Gmail Offline

It was quite a nasty situation when the early Chromebook versions were not supporting the offline Gmail feature. Most users who are hooked to Chromebook are always in touch with internet connection. But the moment it lapse whether it be due to a visit to your country farmhouse or Stuck inside an underground metro station without adequate signal, the complete experience becomes frustrating. This is why Gmail offline was created which sure proves to be a useful application for Chrome OS users.

Offline Gmail App chromeOS

You can download and install this app from the chrome web store. After installing the app, the program syncs in all Gmail data to your Chromebook. It allows you to read and respond to email messages. You can also search and archive messages without requiring internet access.

The User Interface is based on Gmail’s primitive Tablet layout which may be old but sure is efficient enough to provide quick access to all regular functions such as create, edit, Search and send mail.

Cloud Reader

Kindle Cloud reader is developed by Amazon store and is very helpful for managing Kindle books while browsing under offline mode. You can start reading any books from the kindle library and set the page layout, screen resolution and zoom in levels. Now if you ever need to close this session, you can regain it on the same page and the same settings as soon as you login again. You can also create and edit notes, make a bookmark and access multiple utility functions with your Kindle device.

Cloud Reader - Kindle Image

The last page viewed on your kindle is automatically gets synced and the current open book on your device is saved offline so that you can read them even if your Chromebook is unable to connect to kindle store.

This program automatically gets updated with the inline method which sure clears the hassle of downloading and upgrading the program manually.

Vector Paint

If you are a designer and love to create vector styled logo or banner, this application will sure help you stress out. You can craft new and exclusive artwork with various shapes and gradient colors with layers. This application can also manage web banners, geometric diagrams and other pre defined shapes.

Vector Paint Chrome OS

All data is stored both locally and on the cloud. So you can access them whenever you need them even when your Chromebook battery is completely drained out.

Google Calendar

Google calendar is a free online sync for managing events and reminders even under offline mode. You can keep a track of all your appointments, anniversary reminder, Mother-in-law’s birthday and your next visit to the dentist. This application can be used offline and some of the noteworthy features are –

You can share your Schedule with friends and relatives and they can quick reply to set the correct dates as real time editing is enabled.

Google Calendar Chrome OS

You can take your calendar on the go. This means even when you are not using your Chromebook you can still manage them via Google dashboard.

You get notified before each event. The Google calendar notification reminders are very helpful, if you seem to forget dates and anniversaries. Next time you reach home you will be with flowers for your wife and from this time you won’t have to blame yourself for the Memento effect.

Achshar Player

If you ever thought that HTML 5 and JavaScript are only limited to web, you were wrong. This music app is a full-fledged HTML player which can successfully manage all your offline audio files. It runs offline as a standalone player and can also manage your browser playback preferences. It utilizes the Chrome Audio API and hence is able to play various audio file formats.

Achshar Player for Chrome

More information is available on Wiki and official Achshar website.

Quick Note

It is one the quickest way to manage your notes under chrome browser. This app is specifically designed for taking quick short notes and paste to clipboard functionality. You can also use this program to manage your things to do list. Some of the worth mentioning features include –

Quick Note Chrome Extension

  • Quick Add and Edit function – A simple Right-click can help you add or edit notes
  • Quick Search – Quick note app enables instant search functionality
  • Quick Access to your notes – Access all your notes with a single click
  • Cloud Sync – You can access your Quick note from anyplace anytime.

For users who are concerned with the privacy message box shown while installation, must know that the program needs to have access to your page to add notes. This is a secure program and pledges never to collect or share your data in their disclaimer.

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