As the date of the launch Google’s Chrome OS is coming near, reports regarding devices equipped with the Chrome OS Chrome OS Pichave started pouring in thick and fast. According to the latest report, Samsung is reportedly working on a Chrome based OS device dubbed as Alex. Alex is believed to have a 10 inch screen and operations of the machine is powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core Atom N550 processor along with a 2GB RAM.

Touch screen Device And Acer Machine

It is to be noted that earlier it was reported that Acer, was working on a notebook equipped with Chrome OS dubbed as ZGB. ZGB was reported to be powered by an Atom processor and the screen resolution of the devices was reported to be 1366×768 pixels. Reports of a touch screen device dubbed as Seaboard also came out. This touch screen device was reported to have 1GB RAM and Tegra 2 processor. As far as connectivity of the device goes, it was reported that the device was to have 2USB ports and HDMI.

The touch screen device can very well be a tablet since Google has said about tablets equipped with the OS. During Google’s IO conference during May 10 and 11, more inputs regarding the OS and devices equipped with the OS are expected to surface.

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