Are you working in an office, where people may enter without any notice? If yes, then for your privacy you might want an option as Image Of PanicButton Chrome Extensionto where you can hide what is shown in the screen. In this case, Panic Button Chrome extension may prove to be a good option for you. The single click of the extension helps you to hide all Chrome tabs. Not only this, sometimes it might also mute the volume.

Working Of The Extension

Many a time, it may happen that you are buying something online for you near and dear ones or may be surfing a site which is not allowed in your office. In such a case, if somebody comes and catches you then you will land up in a big embarrassment. PanicButton saves you big time from such an embarrassment. It performs multiple actions when activated. Here is how the extension works.

Upon installation, it adds a single button in the address bar of Chrome. When the extension is installed then you get a little exclamation icon on the navigation bar of Chrome. When you let click on the icon, then all the tabs are hidden and a single blank tab is displayed instead of the browser interface. The tabs are stored as bookmarks as a separate folder.

The button turns green and shows you as to how many tabs are hidden at present. A second click on the icon restores the closed tabs so that you can begin working once again. Another great feature of the extension is that you can set a password for recovering tabs by right-clicking on the icon and select options from the context menu. Otherwise anyone can restore the closed tabs. If you do not want to restore your tabs, then all you need to do is to delete “temporary Panic” folder in Chrome’s “Other bookmarks” folder.

Download PanicButton Chrome Extension

So download the extension right now and enjoy safe and secure browsing.

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