Have you ever wished to listen to a text in any website? If yes, then Chrome Speak is one such extension which will help you to listen to any text on website. One of the great features of this extension is that it does not require any internet connection which makes it a bit faster than several TTS extensions. In this article we will tell you as to how you can use this extension to listen to text on websites.

Steps To Use Chrome Speak

  • First of all, you need to go to Chrome web store and install Chrome Speak.

Download Images Of Chrome Speak Chrome Extension

Download Chrome Speak

  • Once you install the extension, you a headphone like icon appear near the address bar.

Images Of Chrome Speak Headphone Icon

  • Once you do left click on the extension a form pops up which allows you to adjust the settings of the extension. For example you can set the rate, pitch and volume at which you want to hear the texts. There is also a box where you can copy paste the text which you want to hear.

Images of Chrome Speak Options

  • After you have selected and set everything click, speak, and can hear the text being read out.

The extension is a real fun to use and do let us know your experience with it through your valuable comments.

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