Suddenly one day I felt like doing something more with my mouse rather than JUST scrolling and clicking. I searched for some chrome mouse gesture extension in the Chrome web store and came across a couple of such extensions, which allows you to carry out several gestures with the help of your mouse. In this article, i will share those extensions with you all.

Smooth Gestures Chrome

With the help of this mouse gesture extension, you can move the mouse while holding the right mouse button to initiate actions such Images Of Smooth Gestures Chrome Extensionas navigation, click-and-drag, click-and-scroll, click-and-click and several other keyboard shortcuts. The extension does not come with just predefined gestures. It also allows you to edit the gestures as per your liking. Once you install the extension, all the gestures are shown as a red line on your browser.  In order to use it, you need to visit the “Options” of the extension and see which gesture you want. You can edit any of the predefined gestures. Some of the basic gestures include

  • Going backward or forward 1 page in the recent current tab
  • Closing a tab
  • Opening a new tab

The extension also provides option as to which gesture you want.


Some of the great features of the extension are as follows

  • Powerful customization of gestures
  • Support of diagonal gestures
  • Working of the extension in almost all http:// and https://pages


Along with the features, the extension also has some drawbacks:

It does not work well with the developer version of Chrome since the developer version suffers from some bugs. To take advantage of the extension, you need to use a stable version of Chrome. Essay

Download Smooth Gestures Chrome Extension.

Mouse Stroke Extension Chrome

Mouse Stroke is another Google Chrome mouse gesture extension which helps you to enable mouse gestures. With the help of this Images of Mouse Stroke Chrome Extensionextension, you can carry out common task by simply moving the mouse. For example, if you want to back to the previous page, then you can do it by moving your mouse left and when you move it to the right, then you are directed to the current page.  You can get a list of the built-in-strokes in the options page. However, what all you can do with the extension is not limited. Users can extend the functionality by creating strong custom strokes. You can find out more about it by clicking here.

Initially you may face a bit a problem using the extension, but once you get accustomed to it, I am sure you will enjoy it. However, getting mouse strokes option on the screen is a bit complex than usual. In order to get an entry, you need to hit the spanner, then extensions and then go to options to get an entry.

Download Mouse Stroke Chrome Extension.

Hope you have enjoyed the extensions. Do let us know your experience about them through your comments.

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