Do you want to repeat your favorite Youtube videos on Chrome? If yes, then YouTurn is the extension for you. This simple and lightweight extension allows you to add repeat function to any Youtube video. Go through the article, to know how you can use this extension to repeat YouTube videos.

Working Of Youturn Extension

First of all, you need to install YouTurn extension from the Chrome web store. The extension can be installed for free.

Once you install the extension, you will notice a small gray icon on the omnibar.

Icon Of Youturn Chrome Extension

Now locate your favorite video in Youtube. Here we are watching Sachin Tendulkar scoring 200 runs in an ODI match against South Africa.

Video Of Sachin Tendulkar

Once the video is over, click on the gray icon and once you do it, the video starts to repeat itself and the icon turns green.

Youturn extension turning green

It is expected that in future the extension will also repeat playlist on Youtube which will allow users to listen to their favorite tracks again and again. So use this extension and repeat your YouTube videos at will.

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