The official launch of Chrome OS might still take some time but search engine giant Google has already started a pilot-program to test the Chrome OS. Google has begun distributing selected people Cr-48 notebooks equipped with the Chrome OS.

The notebooks will help Google to analyze the performance of the Chrome OS and rectify its short comings. The notebooks will not be sold commercially, but is aimed to give users a preview of the ambitious OS which is expected to hit the markets sometimes in 2011. Read on the Chrome Cr-48 Notebook review to know the minute details of the machines and about its performance and working.

Google Chrome Cr-48 Notebook Full Review

Cr-48 is the first of its kind which performs most of the task of a notebook. The notebook allows you to utilize web-applications through web browser and the Chrome Cr-48 notebook aims to give users the exposure and experience of cloud based operations. Let us check out the various aspects of the Cr-48 notebook.

Chrome Cr-48 Notebook Design and Looks

chrome cr-48 notebookThe Cr-48 Notebook boasts of robust design and looks with rounded chassis and shaped like a plastic MacBook. The layout of the keyboard is identical to that of the MacBook and the notebook is made of soft rubberized substance which gives you a pleasant feel while holding it.

The notebook measures 11.8 x 8.6 x 0.9 inches which gives it a sleek and thin look. However, the notebook weighs a bit bulky weighing 3.8 pounds which seemed a bit heavy to us considering the dimensions of the notebook.

Cr-48 Notebook Keyboard and Touchpad

cr-48 keyboardAs said earlier that the keyboard of the notebook is quite similar to that of Macbook and gives you a pleasant feel while typing. The keyboard has no function keys but has exclusive change windows, mute, audio up, power on/off, forward, back, refresh, brightness up and down keys. You will also not find the caps lock key in the notebook. The search button replaces the caps lock button and the touchpad of the notebook is not equipped with built-in-buttons. The touchpad of the notebook is big and integrates mouse clicks.

Cr-48 Notebook Ports

We found that the notebook has very few ports. On the right side you will find the SD card reader along with USB port and an audio-jack. The VGA port is situated on the right side of the notebook. The external mouse gets easily fitted in the USB port and works alright.

Chrome Cr-48 Notebook Display and Hardware

The notebook comes with a 12.1 inches display which is capable of displaying pictures of resolution measuring 1280×800 pixels. We found that the display provides decent viewing angles for viewing web pages.

Since the Cr-48 notebook will not be sold by Google on commercial basis, therefore the notebook has minimal hardware. A 1.66GHz single core Atom Processor powers the notebook and the in general the quality of the hardware is reasonably good. The core OS files are located in the read-only memory which makes it very difficult for virus or other malware to corrupt them.

Chrome Cr-48 Security

Google has ensured that security remains robust with the notebook. Chrome Cr-48 notebook is equipped with several security features which protects stealing and theft of personal data. Some of the unique security features of Cr-48 notebook are as follows:


Chrome Cr-48 notebook works in an environment called sandbox. So if you happen to visit an infected webpage then other tabs and other application will not be affected.

Verified Boot

Verified Boot is another robust security feature equipped with the Cr-48 notebook. Through this feature, every time you boot your machine it does a self check called verified boot and repairs the device automatically if it has been tampered or corrupted.

Guest Mode

Through Guest Mode a third person can use the notebook but will not be able to access your e-mail or other personal data.

Cr-48 Boot Up Time

One of the best features of the notebook is its fast boot up time. The notebook boots up in just about 10 seconds and Google has done a commendable job in this regard.

Chrome Cr-48 Connectivity

Connectivity is one the important aspects of notebooks available in market. Knowing this fact pretty well, Cr-48 is equipped with two connectivity options: Wi-Fi and 3G. The company has tied up with Verizon Wireless to offer 3G connectivity package. Another interesting feature of the Cr-48 notebook is the built-in 3G cards which are Qualcomm Gobi devices enabling support of various kinds of networks. When you select the 3G services option, you are guided to the site of Verizon where you need to sign up and select the various plans available.

Cr-48 Web Browsing and Media Playback

Surfing the web with the help of the notebook is quite decent if not spectacular. But when it comes to playing videos, the Cr-48 is highly disappointing. If you are thinking of playing HD video, then it is better to keep the idea in the bag for the moment. The flash plug-in needs to be worked and initiative in this direction has been taken by Adobe. Quality of speakers is fairly good.

Chrome Cr-48 Apps

Cr-48 notebook is equipped with some of the preloaded applications such as Google Maps, GTalk, YouTube etc. You can download applications of your choice from the Chrome Web Store.

Cr-48 Notebook Battery

Google Chrome Cr-48 notebook is powered by a Li-ion (63 Wh capacity) battery which offers a decent runtime 6 to 7 hours (approx).

Google Chrome Cr-48 Notebook In The Box

Since the notebook is not for sales there it is not equipped with a lot of accessories. In the box you will find battery, AC Adapter and Power lead.

Cr-48 Final Say

Overall Cr-48 notebook has a mixed bag performance. While the robust security features coupled with the robust design of the notebook makes it quite a head tuner, sluggish video performance coupled with low memory storage makes it disappointing. But we expect Google to work upon the flaws of the notebook and rectify them. We believe when the notebook will finally hit the markets, it will be able to find favors among buyers.